Letters Thank you, Vermillion community

To the editor:

In the early morning hours of April 30, 289 VHS seniors, juniors, and their guests attended the 2000 After-Prom Party for "An Evening Under the Stars" event! The After-Prom Party was a huge success due to the hard work, generous contributions and support of a great many individuals, businesses, organizations and the Vermillion community at large.

We write this letter to try and express how thoroughly grateful we are to all those involved in any way for contributing to the success of this most worthwhile evening. As is often the case, thank you doesn't seem quite enough. We do wish to say with great sincerity � thank you to the following:

All parents of VHS senior and junior students who so willingly supported the efforts of the After-Prom Committee events throughout the year.

The Vermillion area businesses and organizations who supported the party with financial contributions and help.

The Vermillion Public Schools and administration for use of the school facilities for meetings and fundraisers � especially to the high school office staff for all their help in the distribution and collection of necessary paperwork and information regarding the After-Prom Party.

The University of South Dakota and the Coyote Student Center staff, Aramark staff, and Custodial Services individuals for their tremendous cooperation in the processing, set up and tear down, as well as throughout the evening of the party. The use of these facilities is truly appreciated.

A heartfelt thank you to all senior committee chairpersons: Ann and Ron Schoellerman, finance/prizes; Mark and Shelly Koller, activities; Caitlin Collier, decorations; Jane Holoch, registration; Sue Berg, food; Collette Abbott, publicity; Danny and Sandy Brown, clean up; and a special thanks to Glenda Schempp, After-Prom Party treasurer. The committee chairs ensured the success of the After-Prom by providing their tireless efforts with the help of many senior/junior parents on each committee.

Thank you to all those who attended our fundraisers or helped out in any way. The community support was incredible. We should all be proud of the generosity and cooperation of the people of the Vermillion area.

With warmest regards,

Nick and Mary Merrigan

Kirk and Liz Hogen

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