Letters Thanks offered to local blood donors

To the editor:

I am writing on behalf of the Siouxland Community Blood Bank to thank all who attempted to donate blood at Vermillion High School on Friday, April 28.

A special thanks goes out to the Vermillion High School National Honor Society, Karol Brodersen, and Dr. Sharon Ross for coordinating this blood drive. Both blood banks appreciate their personal efforts and the support of Vermillion High School students, staff, and the Vermillion community.

Thirty-six units were collected by the Siouxland Blood Bank of Sioux City! The Sioux Falls Regional Blood Bank collected about 32 units of blood. Thanks for recruiting those donors for us!

Barbara Bernard reached the six-gallon mark at this last drive!

Your support and donations continue to help the supply for our area hospitals. The only way blood products are made available for area patients is if individuals in our communities volunteer to donate on a regular basis. We are very thankful for the dedicated Vermillion-area blood donors!


Charlie Jespersen

Donor Consultant

Congratulations Vermillion youth choir!

To the editor:

Congratulations to Jeanne Dahlin and the Vermillion youth choir members who participated in the Upper Midwest Youth Choral concert recently at Carnegie Hall in New York City!

The Vermillion singers performed extraordinarily well under the direction of Professor Larry Torkelson from The University of South Dakota. Their outstanding effort is a great reflection on their talent, and commitment to music as well as on Ms. Dahlin's leadership and teaching skills.

The entire state of South Dakota is proud of these talented young people and the excellent music tradition in the Vermillion community!

Tim Johnson

U.S. Senate

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