Nesselhuf announces House bid for District 17 in South Dakota

Nesselhuf announces House bid for District 17 in South Dakota Benjamin (B.J.) Nesselhuf has announced his bid for one of the two state house seats in District 17.

Nesselhuf is a 14-year resident of the Vermillion area and lifelong South Dakotan.

Nesselhuf said that the main issues he hopes to address in this campaign will be education, agriculture and corrections.

He stated that he disagreed with the 11th hour decision of the Legislature to rubberstamp a bill for the governor that took control away from locally elected school boards. "As a representative, I would always vote against top-down, micromanagement of the school districts."

On agriculture Nesselhuf favors real property tax reduction. "Every year we hear how the property taxes went down, at the same time the assessments go up. While Pierre claims to have lowered taxes, the revenue raised by property taxes continues to increase. We must look for alternative revenue supplies so that we can see a real decrease in property taxes."

In the area of corrections Nesselhuf said, "It's time we take a good, long look at juvenile corrections in this state. We need to decide who the current system helps the most; the kids or the politicians. I'm tired of seeing nothing done in the boot camps when it is obvious that something is wrong. When the Legislature lacks the political courage to do what is right, it is time to send new people to the Legislature."

Nesselhuf has worked as a Community Supports Instructor for SESDAC Inc., a resident training center in Vermillion, since 1996. He is on leave of absence while working as the primary campaign manager for Curt Hohn, candidate for Congress. Nesselhuf also served as the field coordinator for Clay, Turner, Yankton and Union counties on Tom Daschle's 1998 successful re-election campaign.

In 1999 he worked as a fundraiser and public relations director for Prison Congregations of America, a non-profit organization headquartered in Vermillion.

Nesselhuf is 24 years old and a 1994 graduate of Vermillion High School.

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