Quilter to present May 17 museum lecture

Quilter to present May 17 museum lecture Cindy Brick, nationally recognized quilt creator, evaluator, lecturer and author, will speak at 7 p.m. at the W. H. Over Museum on May 17.

During the day, Brick will be available for providing appraisals, written or informal, on quilts by appointment only.

Brick a quilter since 1984, is from Castle Rock, CO and is in Vermillion visiting friends Steve and Mary Waller before she and Mary travel to Minneapolis to a Crazy Quilt Society Conference. Mary Waller is also an avid professional quilter and teacher of quilting.

A former editor for Quilter's Newsletter Magazine, Brick writes for many publications and is the managing editor for the Crazy Quilt Society's Newsletter. In addition she is a staff member of the Quilt Heritage Foundation, an international nonprofit organization dedicated to the study of old quilts and their history.

Brick has served as a consultant on HGTV's November 1999 production of Quilts: Threads of Our Heritage. She has also served as curator of several quilt shows including a quilt restoration conference, "The Collector's Eye" done in conjunction with Nancy Kirk who previously was featured in a day-long event at the W.H. Over Museum.

"Heart's Memory Crazy Quilts Past and Present" was the title of her most recent hanging which took place at the Primedia Gallery in Golden, CO.

Other interests which will be addressed during her time at the museum will be Redwork, quilt evaluations/appraisals, and quilt restoration. Cindy's appraisals are either written (formal) or oral (informal) and are priced accordingly. Part of each appraisal fee will be donated to the museum. She will also offer a door prize of a free appraisal to a member of her audience. Brick is a professional quilt restorer and is able to work with both silk and cotton quilts, tops and blocks.

Brick, in addition to teaching and lecturing, is a prolific writer and contributes to many quilting publications and has authored or co-authored parts of books. She also designs quilt patterns. The museum will have some of its quilt collection on display during this time and if an individual has a quilt or quilts that they would like to have displayed during this time, please call the museum at 677-5228 or Maxine Johnson at home, 624-4166 to make arrangements.

So many people are engaged in sewing and designing quilts, and there is such a widespread interest in the art and history of quilting, the Friends of the W. H. Over Museum feel that Mary Waller has provided a unique opportunity for everyone to hear Brick speak about the history, evolution, and pleasure in the creation or study of making quilts.

Admission to the talk is free and it will begin promptly at 7 p.m. in Sletwold Hall. Coffee and cookies will be available.

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