Taking aim at paintballs

Taking aim at paintballs by David Lias Clay County Park Board President Ben Taylor notes that it isn't unusual for county mowers to run over more than just grass when trimming the grounds at the Clay County Park.

The park has been a battlefield in recent months for individuals who enjoy shooting at each other in mock battles � not with bullets, but with paintballs.

Taylor recently told the Clay County Commission that it's not unusual to find intact paintballs in the grass. That means that along with trimmed grass, mowers often discharge a rainbow of paint.

The commission has decided to outlaw the paintball sport on county-owned property because of safety and litter concerns.

Tuesday, State's Attorney Tami Bern discussed drawing up an ordinance that would prohibit the paintball sport. "I think it's fair that we do one of two things: either state in the language that property which it is banned on so people have notice," she said, "or state that the property will be posted, because I wouldn't know all of the property that Clay County owns.

"I think we need to designate in the language of the ordinance the areas we want or post signs," Bern added.

Commission Chairman Jerry Sommervold noted, with a bit of humor, that the signs will need a special quality.

"They're going to have to be made out of something that you can wash the paint off of," he said.

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