Tanager tennis team loses close matches

Tanager tennis team loses close matches Tournament matches at Brookings on Thursday, April 30 involved the Tanager boys' tennis team vs. Brandon Valley, Milbank and the Brookings Bobcats.

Tanager Coach Chris Hovden identified the three eighthgraders' play in the tourney.

"I was happy to see them step up and meet the challenge with admirable results," he said. "Both Jason Holoch and Ed Rudolph played great matches again coming through with two of three wins in the doubles, and Ed won two out of three singles also."

First match total team scores: BVHS � 7; VHS � 2.

Singles: Ed Rudolph (V) def. Eric Rosenborn (BV) 8-3; Kyle Peterson (BV) def. Jon Spader (V) 8-1; Carl Zeigler (BV) def. Geng Wang (V) 8-6; Cory Peterson (BV) def. Tim Goodman (V) 8-0; Kyle Klein (BV) def. Nate Scheidel (V) 8-1; Phil Rossing (BV) def. Mark Vickrey (V) 8-0.

Doubles: Rudolph/Holoch (V) def. Rosenborn/K. Peterson (BV) 8-6; Zeigler/Jeremy Wellkorn (BV) def. Wang/Scheidel (V) 8-4; C. Peterson/Rossing (BV) def. Goodman/Vickrey 8-1.

Second match total team scores: MHS � 5; VHS � 4.

Singles: Rudolph (V) def. Andy Eckberg (M) 8-3; Holoch (V) def. Bryan Appl (M) 8-8 (9-7 tie breaker); Wang (V) def. Kyle Dahl (M) 8-8 (12-10 tie breaker); Jake Schlveter (M) def. Goodman (V) 8-0; Chris Campbell (M) def. Scheidel (V) 9-7; Joe Underwood (M) def. Vickrey (V) 8-4.

Doubles: Rudolph/Holoch (V) def. Eckberg/Dahl (M) 8-1; Appl/Schlveter (M) def. Wang/Schiedel (V) 8-8 (7-4 tie breaker); Campbell/Underwood (M) def. Goodman/Vickrey 8-3.

Third match total team scores: BHS � 9; VHS � 0.

Singles: Rosen (B) def. Holoch 8-2; Del Fanian (B) def. Holoch 8-2; Anderson (B) def. Wang 8-2; Knutzen (B) def. Goodman 8-1; Rippley (B) def. Scheidel 8-0; Halaweisn (B) def. Vickrey 8-0.

Doubles: Rosen/Knutzen def. Rudolph/Holoch 8-6; Del Fanian/Anderson def. Wang/

Scheidel 8-1; Rippley/Brinkley (B) def. Goodman/Vickrey 8-0.

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