Tennis team loses close match against Madison

Tennis team loses close match against Madison Tennis matches at Sioux Falls Washington on Thursday, April 27 were a "make-up" date

with Madison against the Tanager boys' tennis team.

Coach Chris Hovden was pleased with the #1 and #2 singles results but had hoped for better than the 6-3 loss for the team.

"Both Jon Spader and Ed Rudolph played great matches and they also came through in the doubles, getting our only victories," Hovden said.

Singles: Ed Rudolph (V) def. Chris Finch 10-5; Jon Spader (V) def. Paul Green 10-6; Paul Holt (M) def. Dan Ring (V) 10-6; Jared Wire (M) def. Jason Holoch (V) 10-3; Tom Weisantal (M) def. Chris Yutrzenka (V) 10-10 (7-3 tie breaker); Justin Zerfus (M) def. Anders Fremstad (V) 10-10 (7-3 tie breaker); Jim Materese (M) def. Geng Wang (V) 10-8.

Doubles: Rudolph/Spader (V) def. Green/Holt (M) 10-4; Finch/Wire (M) def. Ring/Holoch (V) 10-1; and J. Carmen/Weismantel (M) def. Fremstad/Yutrzenka (V) 10-3.

This was a close match throughout but the Bulldogs came away with the win.

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