USD swimmer will attend Olympic Trials

USD swimmer will attend Olympic Trials Justin Devlin, a University of South Dakota senior from Mesa, AZ will attend Olympic Trials Aug. 9-16 in Indianapolis. Devlin won the 200-meter breaststroke at the NCAA Division II Swimming and Diving Championships with a time of 2.0235 minutes. Devlin's time qualified him for the Olympic time trials.

Devlin, a mathematics major who graduates May 13, will be vying for a spot on the USA team in the 200-meter breaststroke event. Over one hundred swimmers compete for two spots per event. Three rounds take place at trials which eliminate participants to the top 32, then reduce the pool to 16 and select the top two swimmers in the final round. The Olympics will be held in Sydney, Australia this September.

"Confidence is Justin's main attribute," said USD Swimming and Diving Head Coach Ron Allen. "Other students have qualified with their times, but none have had the desire or made the commitment Justin has. He made up his mind to go."

While USD's season ended in March, Devlin continues to train daily. He swims and weight trains with workouts provided in part by Allen, who insists that Devlin is so much an individual he doesn't require much in the way of coaching. "He is so independent and intelligent that a democratic approach to coaching (post-season) has been the method," said Allen.

After graduation Devlin will return to Arizona. "When I get back I will train with my old swim club coach," Devlin said. "I am not nervous � at least not yet. It will probably hit me when I get there."

The USD Men's Swimming and Diving team finished second in the North Central Conference and place 11th at the national championships.

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