Vermillion Can Do! identifies key issues

Vermillion Can Do! identifies key issues The Vermillion Can Do! Cultural Planning Project's community assessment and information-gathering process was completed May 16.

The project's overall consultant and facilitator, Ruth Brennan of Rapid City, led a meeting with the steering committee at the newly renovated Washington Street Art Center.

Information gathered by discussion groups, community survey results and comments were reviewed by the participants and key issues were determined. The following is a list of the key issues identified:

1. Community Image/Identity

2. Artists and Cultural Organization Support and Coordination

3. Livability/Historic Preservation/City Beautification

4. Leadership and Civic Responsibility

5. Communication/Marketing � USD and City Arts Coordination

6. Building New Audiences

7. Finances

From these key issues, task forces will be formed to formulate objectives, goals and strategies. The task force will continue to meet from this point until June 22.

The steering committee extends a heartfelt thank you to all who took the time to fill out the survey. The results exceeded expectations with a 10 percent response and all comments are being considered in the key issues.

Thank you for all your inspirational ideas. A brief summary of final survey results will be published at a later date. If you have questions, or are interested in serving on a task force, please contact Joni Thomas, local project coordinator, at 624-8278 or or Meg Quintal, project director at

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