VMS girls’ teams share mixed results

VMS girls' teams share mixed results The 2000 Junior High Big 8 Conference Triangular involving Vermillion, Lennox and Madison was held on Monday, May 15.

The seventh-grade girls placed second with 59 points to Madison's first place 79 and Lennox's 14 for third. The eighth-grade girls scored 71 points to outdistance Lennox at 49 and Madison at 21.

The placers for the seventh-grade girls were:

In field events: Shot put � Jackie Smit, fourth; Long jump � Anne Carlson first, 14'9.5"; High jump � Carlson first, 4'6".

In the dashes: 100M � Sandi Winkler, fourth; 200M � Kelsie Austin, third; 400M � Morgan Brooks, first, 1:05.4 minutes, and Mara Johnson, third; 100M hurdles � Carlson, first, 17.9 seconds, and Alisha O'Connor, third.

Distance runs: 800M � Jaime Bernard, first, 2:47.1 minutes, Laura Aga, second, and Brittany Weydert, third; 1600M � Amber Kitto, first, 5:59.2 minutes, and Sarah Plate, third.

The 4×200 relay placed first with members Winkler, Austin, Carlson and Christensen, and second place went to the 4×100 relay team of Varns, Winkler, Austin and Christensen, while the 4x400M relay team ofBernard, O'Connor, Johnson, and Brooks came in at second place. The medley relay also placed second (Winkler, Christensen, Austin and Brooks).

The eighth-graders had first place in nine events. Field events: Shot put � Kayla Mollet, second; Discus � Steph Bliss, first, 74'9"; Long jump � Ashley Hofer, second, and Heather Heine, third; High jump � Hofer, first, 4'2", and Kathleen Redlin, second.

In the dashes: 100M � Nicki Nelson, first, 14.1 seconds; 200M � Colette Joy, third; 400M � Heine, first, 1:06.4 minutes, and Mollet, third; 100M high hurdles � Colette Joy, second.

In the distance runs: 800M run � Brittany Gilkyson, first, 2:40.9 minutes, Theresa Ring, second, and Ashley Hofer, third; 1600M run � Kristin Kitto, first, 6:22.9 minutes, Ring, second.

The 4×100 relay placed second with runners Hofer, Bliss, Redlin and Joy. The other relay teams won their events: 4x200M (Johnson, Heine, Mollet and Nelson); 4x400M (Johnson, Mollet, Gilkyson and Heine). The medley relay team won with a 2:09.4 time (Johnson, Bliss, Nelson and Gilkyson).

Note: names in the relay teams might have been changed at the meet because of unforeseen circumstances.

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