Volunteer force picks debris from neighborhood

Volunteer force picks debris from neighborhood Members of The University of South Dakota football squad load a trailer with old furniture, carpeting, appliances and other refuse in a block of University Street Saturday morning as part of Operation Pride. by David Lias There's less junk � from wood, metal and yard waste, to big ticket items such as old stoves and refrigerators � in a Vermillion neighborhood that received special attention Saturday morning.

Thanks to the brute strength of The University of South Dakota Football Squad, which loaded dumpsters and trailers with countless pieces of refuse, including old windows, abandoned couches, and even old wooden house shutters, homes and yards located on and between Dakota and Plum streets and Clark and Main streets are now much tidier.

Saturday's cleanup effort is all part of Operation Pride, a year-long program of community cleanup encompassing a number of programs.

Saturday's pilot curbside household and yard cleanup was provided to Vermillion citizens through the cooperative efforts of Norwest Bank of South Dakota, the Vermillion Solid Waste Department, the Coyote Football Squad and Vermillion Beautiful, Inc.

A number of other government, school and business organizations also assisted.

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