120+ seniors golf in Bluffs’ tourney

120+ seniors golf in Bluffs' tourney Weather conditions were less than favorable June 20 � winds WNW at 20-30 mph, and threatening storms in the forecast � but the The Bluffs' Senior Tournament was on schedule.

At 7 a.m., the course was in pristine condition, complements of Superintendent Mark

Clark, assisted by Kelly Knutson. The clubhouse staff, led by Len Griffith, had the breakfast

prepared, with the help of Matt Hock and Mike Majeres. The leader in the pro shop, Kirk Hogen, along with assistants Rusty Jensen and Eric Stevens, had the tee times worksheet ready to receive 120 senior golfers.

All that was left to do was to get the group registered and assigned by the 9 a.m. shotgun start time. That was accomplished with a bunch of volunteer seniors which chairman Irl Oaks had recruited to help with this monumental task. They included Howard Connors, Ardell

Hatch, Quentin Oleson, Dick Munkvold, Jim Prosser, Charlie Amant, Ken Beringer and Loren Carlson � and they got the job done!

Senior golfers, from all points of the compass, converged on The Bluffs for the tournament. From Omaha in the south to Huron in the north and Sioux City from the east to Gregory in the west, with several towns in between, came enthusiastic aficionados of the game. Flighted by age only, groups of 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-75, and 76+ were assigned and breakfast was served to the whole gang before gathering to the tee boxes at 9 a.m. for the start.

The competition included a championship flight involving those who declared and there were about 10 players in that flight (regardless of age). After the 18-hole tourney was completed, there was a buffet luncheon while the pro shop workers determined the results, which follow:

Championship flight

1st � Randy Fletcher, Beresford, 75; 2nd � Bill McKenna, Sioux City, 77.

50-54 flight

1st � George Rehan, Sioux City, 84; 2nd � Bill Stobart, Vermillion, 86.

55-59 A flight

1st � Dick Laing, Sioux City, 81; 2nd � Jack Sorensen, Beresford, 82; 3rd � Larry Heatherly, Yankton, 83.

55-59 B flight

1st � Clark Lewison, Vermillion, 87; 2nd � Darrell Sundleaf, Yankton, 91.

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60-64 A flight

1st � Roger Spencer, Sioux City, 75; 2nd � Ellis Jensen, Vermillion, 82; 3rd � Vern Nielsen, Sioux City, 84.

60-64 B flight

1st � Doug Davis, Sioux City, 93; 2nd � Don Casey, Yankton, 93; 3rd � Jerry Sommervold, Vermilion, 94.

65-69 A flight

1st � Dave Sabag, Sioux City, 74; 2nd Chuck Avery, Sioux City, 81; 3rd � Vern Norquist, Huron, 82; 4th � Buzz Bechtold, Hartford, 84.

65-69 B flight

1st � Max Hawk Yankton, 92; 2nd � Dick Rysta, Omaha, 95; 3rd � Ken Liveris, Tyndall, 96; 4th � Bill Beaulieu, Hartford, 96.

70-75 A flight

1st � Gordon Ellis, Sioux City, 76; 2nd � Bill Pike, Yankton, 80; 3rd � Skip McGoun, Sioux City, 85; 4th � Bob Jacobsen, Sioux City, 87.

70-75 B flight

1st � Ron Brown, Vermillion, 95; 2nd � Don Boyd, Yankton, 96; 3rd Jim Cimpl, Yankton, 96.

76+ A flight

1st � Ernest White, Huron, 86; 2nd � Bob Hajek, Tyndall, 88; 3rd � Corwin Peer, Yankton, 89.

76+ B flight

1st � Stan Munger, Vermillion, 101; 2nd ��Kenny Kenzy, Gregory, 104.

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