60th wedding anniversary celebrated with golf outing

60th wedding anniversary celebrated with golf outing This is a story about a unique family reunion of a group of folks with whom I have had a long-time relationship.

I first was introduced to Don Mitchell when I was hired to teach mathematics at Vermillion High School and he was a member of the Vermillion Board of Education. In the ensuing years I had all of his children in my classes as they were growing up � Kathy, John, David and Michael. The boys participated in athletics and each played on the varsity golf team as their respective ages put them in appropriate classes.

Two of my sons � Michael and Gary � were also on the same era VHS golf teams and my association with the school activities and classes involving these youngsters gave me a familiarity with their lives.

After my retirement from teaching I worked part-time at the local golf course pro-shop and became more associated with Don and Doris, since they are avid golfers. As the boys and Kathy completed their college educations and got married, they returned home for annual family get-togethers and golf became a part of the activities.

Ten years ago, the first Mitchell Family Golf Open was played at the old Vermillion golf course and basically involved the adults as Don and Doris celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Sometime after that (the year can't be determined) a second annual open was held and some of the younger children participated.

The 60th Anniversary Mitchell Open became the third annual open and 14 Mitchell family members were joined by 18 long-time friends. Seven grandchildren were in the competition and demonstrated their competence in continuing the love of golf generated by their grandparents.

In fact, low score of 35 was recorded by grandson Thad Weisz (son of Kathy and Denny). John has been the organizer of the opens so he was too busy to play this year, but Dave and Mike each scored 39, and Denny had a 44. Don's and Doris's scores were not available at press time, but long-time friend Howard Connors used the fewest putts (11) for the nine-hole competition.

I'm looking forward to seeing all these friends at their next Mitchell Family Open!

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