Celebrate July 4 at ice cream fest

Celebrate July 4 at ice cream fest The third annual home-made ice cream fest to start off the celebration of Independence Day July 4 will be held on the W. H. Over Museum patio on Saturday, July 1 at 9:30 a.m.

Again this year the Leroy Meyer family will bring their supplies and demonstrate the art of ice cream making, using several methods and ending up with several flavors. Meyer explains that he likes to share his family tradition which is like lace-making, an heirloom worth saving. The Friends will offer lemonade, coffee and homemade cookies to compliment their delightful creation.

Each year the weather has been delightful, but if inclement, the fest will be moved inside.

Remember when you decorated bicycles and tricycles and paraded around the park to win a little prize if your creation was selected? Homemade fun and food have been replaced today by high-tech, high cost entertainment which individuals can do without the benefit of family and friends. Our present style has many things going for it, but family fun is hard to find. Homemade ice cream is a celebration of roots.

The W. H. Over Museum has many opportunities for children and adults to interrelate. The permanent exhibits, pioneer and Native American alike, reflect the time when working together was the accepted way, not just entertainment.

Whether it was putting up the tipi or the cover on the Conestoga wagon, working together was important to survival. Young people had to learn the skills for ultimate survival from wind and weather as well as from enemies and predators.

At the museum, the Friends try to offer to those who come this kind of understanding. In addition to the permanent exhibits, Sletwold Hall, made possible through the generous gift of the Sletwold family which had a florist shop in Vermillion, many of the contemporary activities are highlighted.

During the past two months we have had the art of Gary Hartenhoff, originally from Sioux Falls, and in June the work of James Bryant, Huron. During the first two weeks in July we will have a print show, "Selections From the Past 18 Years of Print Portfolios from the Workshop" curated by print-maker-artist, professor Lloyd Menard. Following that until September, the Western Art collection of Curtis Fallon will return to the Sletwold Hall in honor of the Lewis and Clark festivities.

Summer classes which began June 3 with a slide show about the Missouri River will continue with the ice cream making on July 1, then on July 8 with Doug Soderlund talking about the indigenous mammals of the plains, and finally, July 15, with Professor Peabody telling us about the birds.

These all tie in spectacularly with what the Friends are doing on a big scale � setting up the Lewis & Clark-Spirit Mound Learning Center which will open Friday, Aug. 25, marking the day the famous expedition walked to Spirit Mound 196 years ago to see if they could see the little spirits. What they saw instead will be described in the mural being painted by Vermillion artist Jeff Freeman, a professor at USD, and told in software being written by Joel McKinney, USD graduate assistant.

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