Fix among participants at workshop

Fix among participants at workshop Vikki Fix of Vermillion High School was among six area teachers who recently participated in a five-day workshop titled "Enhancing Calculus Teaching with Technology" at The University of South Dakota.

The workshop focused on teacher training and how teachers can utilize mathematical software for lesson plans and group projects.

At the workshop, the teachers learned how to use and incorporate the Mathematica computer software program. They formed a network of teachers who will share materials developed throughout the semester. Besides receiving a demonstration of the calculus labs at USD, teachers also had the chance to work on their own individual projects using the Mathematica software and present them on the final day of the workshop. The projects included demonstrations and group projects that could be used in the classroom.

According to USD Mathematical Sciences Professor Dan Van Peursem, Mathematica is computer software that shows mathematics examples, such as three-dimensional graphing and animations.

, which would be impossible to show by hand.

"It was a positive experience and teachers felt it was a worthwhile endeavor and suggested that we hold the workshop again," Van Peursem said, who led the workshop with USD Professor Jose Flores.

The workshop is funded by the Eisenhower Professional Development Program under the Improving America's Schhols Act of 1994. Eisenhower Grants are made eligible to South Dakota colleges, universities and non-profit organizations for projects to improve the skills of pre-service and in-service teachers.

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