Healthy Kids/Healthy Community

Healthy Kids/Healthy Community The Healthy Kids/Healthy Community Task Force met at 5:45 p.m. June 19 in the Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus boardroom. Those in attendance were: Pastor Steve Miller, Denise Knutson, Peggy Donnelly, Linda Kogel, Deb Mollet, Joanne Sinkie, Jim Sinkie and Mary C. Merrigan.

Merrigan opened the meeting with the reading of our mission statement.

Mission Statement

The primary purpose of this task force is to create a stronger Vermillion community by providing physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety for the children, youth and adults of our area.

The committee compiled a list of topics that will be researched in order for us to gain more general knowledge of what other communities have done. The research is also meant to provide us with a list of resources that will be available for information, issues and projects that may develop as a result of our efforts. The group also compiled a "wish list" of what each of those present would like to see happen in the short and long term.

A video titled On the Edge, provided by the Vermillion High School counselor's office, will be viewed at the next meeting, Monday, June 26. The video is approximately 45 minutes in length. In keeping with our commitment to our one-hour meetings, there will be little time for discussion. We hope this will allow all those with "research projects" extra time to gather information to share in our July gatherings. The video will be available for those who wish to view it who are not able to attend June 26.

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