Healthy Kids/Healty Community

Healthy Kids/Healty Community Healthy Kids/Healthy Community, a group of concerned Vermillion citizens, held its second meeting June 12 in the Sioux Valley campus board room, located at 102 S. Plum Street.

The group agreed to adopt the following mission statement: "The primary purpose of this task force is to create a stronger Vermillion community by providing physical, emotional and spiritual health and safety for the children, youth and adults of our area."

The group agreed to achieve this mission by bringing together people in conversation to consider, create, organize and facilitate programs, educational opportunities, community events, networks and relationships for listening and learning, nurture and growth.

Guest at the meeting was Len Griffith, Vermillion High School guidance counselor, who shared ideas on how to meet those objectives and how to access valuable resources.

The next meeting of Healthy Kids/Healthy Community is scheduled for 5:45 p.m. Monday, June 19, in the Sioux Valley campus board room.

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