Letters Give blood in Vermillion June 28

To the editor:

The need for donated blood doesn't take a summer vacation. Increased travel and recreational-related accidents mean an increase in blood usage nationally in the tri-state region. There are also fewer donors during the busy summer months.

There's no substitute for blood. If people lose blood from surgery or injury, or if their bodies can't produce enough, there is only one place to turn � volunteer blood donors. Every three seconds someone needs blood in the United States, and that need continues to grow � especially during the summer. One donation can make a huge difference.

You don't have to leap from tall buildings to be a hero. Just 45 minutes of your time this summer could make a huge difference in a hospital patient's life. Please join us at First Dakota National Bank at 111 Court St., on Wednesday, June 28 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a Vermillion Community Blood Drive. We have a goal of 40 donors. Donors can call First Dakota at 624-5555 to pre-register or if they have any questions.

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank of Sioux City and the Sioux Falls Regional Blood Bank both service community hospitals in this area as well as the hospitals in Sioux City and Sioux Falls. A large amount of volunteered donations are needed every week in order to meet this need.


Charlie Jespersen

Donor Consultant

Siouxland Community Blood Bank

Forbes ranking victory for state

To the editor:

Forbes magazine's recent ranking of Sioux Falls as the 22nd best place in America to do business and advance a career is significant for all of South Dakota. Any time one of our communities can get national attention, it's good news for all of us.

The study that ranked Sioux Falls 22nd was based on several categories, including wage and salary growth and job growth in the past five years. The growth of high-tech jobs and wages shows we are committed to being a leader of technology and economic opportunity.

Sioux Falls received the recognition, but there are communities across South Dakota experiencing job growth in technology-related companies.

Another measure was long-term and current growth of "clusters." Sioux Falls is a cluster in the financial services industry. That has clearly helped other communities in the state attract businesses in the financial services industry.

For us to compete in a global economy, South Dakota must work as a team. Winning teams know that while one member might be singled out as a star, it takes a team effort to come out on top. The Forbes ranking is a victory for all of South Dakota.

William J. Janklow


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