Lio tells fellow grads to ‘embrace the breeze’

Lio tells fellow grads to 'embrace the breeze' by M. Jill Karolevitz Vicky Lio, a member of the Vermillion High School Class of 2000 and Student Council president, shared reflections of what commencement means with her fellow graduates May 28 in Slagle Hall.

Lio based her comments on a graduation card she received, one featuring a little girl blowing dandelion fluff into the wind.

�I was entranced with this photo, its detail, innocence and especially the essence for which it stands,� Lio said. �To me, Vermillion High School students are dandelions and the Class of 2000 has matured to the white fluffy ball. The little girl is blowing us into the wind that will scatter us in different directions of life.

�Some are not ready, some are,� she continued. �But we all must let the wind carry us. Life will take us all down different paths, but we must take the opportunity to learn and live.

�We are gathered here to celebrate the end of an era and the beginning of an era,� Lio went on. �It�s a time to truly live, but we must remember the past because we will always be connected. We must also look to the future and embrace the breeze as the little girl blows us into the will of the wind.�

Patty Crowley, another VHS graduate and Student Council representative, told the Class of 2000 to remember friends and the shared experiences of high school. But, she added, they must expect that things will change among old friends.

�Friends are like clothes,� she said. �You hang on to old jeans and tennis shoes for familiarity and comfort, but you also have to get new clothes as you change and grow.�

VHS grad Courtney Nelsen, also a Student Council member, noted that �all the small things you do count,� she said. �Our graduation day is a new beginning. But remember that the small things prepare us for the larger world we are about to enter.�

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