Medical school receives funds

Medical school receives funds U.S. Senators Tim Johnson and Tom Daschle have announced that The University of South Dakota's School of Medicine was awarded $177,448 from the Department of Health and Human Services to improve access to health care in rural communities and reservations.

Through this program the medical students target junior high and high school students to promote healthy behavior, and generate interest in the medical field. The funding will allow USD medical students to work with communities statewide to reduce teenage drinking and farm accidents.

Medical students also work with disabled individuals to increase patients' strength and independence by developing occupational and physical therapy regimens.

"As South Dakota's only school of medicine, I am pleased that USD is working so closely with rural communities throughout the state," Johnson said. "The program has an amazing affect in rural South Dakota communities. Health care in rural communities and reservations is fundamental, and encouraging young students to consider a career in rural medicine will have irreplaceable long-term benefits."

"I'm pleased that this funding will be used to educate young students about the importance of living healthy and responsible lives and will promote the idea of careers in rural medicine," Daschle said. "I hope this program will convince some students to pursue such a career so that we can meet the growing need for quality health care professionals in rural America."

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