SESD Experiment Farm tour set for June 27

SESD Experiment Farm tour set for June 27 The summer tour of the Southeast South Dakota Experiment Farm near Beresford is set for June 27, said Bob Berg, manager of the farm for South Dakota State University.

Tours will begin at 3 p.m., with separate hayrack rides for weed control, insects and diseases/soil fertility, and crop production. Livestock research on high-oil corn for cattle and swine will also be presented.

A meal, courtesy of Farm Credit Services of America, will be served. Arrangements are being made to offer Certified Crop Advisor credits.

Weed Control

Leon Wrage, Extension weed specialist, and Darrell Deneke, Extension integrated pest management coordinator, will discuss herbicides available to control velvet leaf, waterhemp, and cocklebur in corn and soybeans. They will also present split versus one-pass herbicide application timing and reduced input herbicide programs. Sharon Clay, plant science professor, and graduate students Chuck Cole and Jeff Jackson will feature ways to use precision farming tools to help manage weeds.

Insect, Diseases, and Soil Fertility

Mike Catangui, Extension entomologist, will report on the current status of corn and soybean insects. Marty Draper, Extension plant pathologist, will be on hand to discuss soybean seedling diseases. Tom Chase, plant science pathologist, will highlight phytophthora root rot concerns in soybeans. Dave Clay, plant science associate professor, will discuss profitable soil sampling strategies for precision farming. Jim Gerwing, Extension soils specialist, will explain the potential for urea volatilization in the spring. Howard Woodard, plant science associate professor, will feature sulfur responses in corn.

Crop Production

Bob Hall, Extension crops specialist, will highlight varieties of barley, oat, and spring wheat. Research associates Lon Hall, oat breeding, and Pat Beauzay, corn breeding, will emphasize production of hulless oats and white corn. Bob Berg will summarize various tillage and crop rotation strategies used at the farm with conventional and speciality crops.


Bob Thaler, Extension swine specialist, and Brent Christopherson, animal science graduate assistant, will address how using high-oil corn reduces dust levels in swine barns. Brad Johnson, Extension ruminant nutritionist and beef feedlot specialist, and Monica Eibs, animal science graduate assistant, will feature the impacts of meat quality in beef when feeding high-oil corn.

"Our crops are in pretty good shape so far, considering the limited amount of rain we have received so far this season," said Berg.

The farm, located six miles west and three miles south of Beresford, is owned by a non-profit organization of farmer-shareholders who make it available for research and management by SDSU's Agricultural Experiment Station. Tours are open to anyone interested and often draw visitors from four states.

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