Two local students attend Nebraska Honors Colloquium

Two local students attend Nebraska Honors Colloquium Nearly 200 high-ability students representing eight states were involved in a select two-day Nebraska Honors Colloquium this month at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Two sessions, June 11-12 and 18-19, brought the students to campus for a variety of events to highlight the opportunities at UNL. The students are next year's high school seniors and the program is free, excluding transportation and personal spending money.

Matthew Rognstad and Laura Wilson, both of Vermillion, attended the June 11-12 session.

The inaugural honors colloquium is an "opportunity to work with outstanding faculty and current students while exploring the programs and opportunities that make NU unique," said Annie Magnusson, assistant director of honors recruitment.

Students invited choose from academic breakout sessions designed to give them an insight into classrooms, programs, events and career opportunities to their liking. They tour genetic labs, hold a mock Congressional committee meeting, do hands-on chemical experiments, try an interactive communication lab, program an industrial robot, explore digital music or sit in on a live rehearsal of a Tony award-winning play, and hold discussions with teachers, faculty and students in various fields.

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