VHS athletes honored May 19

VHS athletes honored May 19 Big Eight All-Conference


Cory Novak

Wes Christensen

Cullen Iverson

David Jensen

Jason Madsen

Anthony Senne

Chris Nelson (H. Mention)

Jared Thedorff (H. Mention)

Landon Morse (H. Mention)

Adam Koller (H. Mention)

Chris Sinkie (H. Mention)

Tim Russell (H. Mention)

Brandon Benzel (H. Mention)

Tyler Vacek (H. Mention)

Thad Roche (H. Mention)

Dave Hanson (H. Mention)

Girls Basketball

Alison Obr

Leslie Larson

Jaclyn Powell


Ray O'Connor

Adam Koller

Chris Sinkie

Boys Basketball

Bo Nelson


Lana Johnson

Elly Kjose

Carey Engstrom

Jaclyn Powell

Nancy Heine (H. Mention)

Leslie Larson (H. Mention)

Fall Sports

Girls Tennis

Most Valuable: Anna Ristic

Most Improved: Maya Ristic and Jessica Leffers

Team Captains: Anna Ristic and Lindsay Iverson

Boys Golf

Most Valuable: Brett Hogen

Most Improved: Nathan Boots

Team Captain: Derrick Brown

Boys Cross Country

Hardest Worker: John Ring

Most Improved: Darryl Neufeld

Most Inspirational: James Clark

Team Captain: Jordan Thompson

Girls Cross Country

Hardest Worker: Kathy Plate

Most Improved: Angie Rydell

Most Inspirational: Kathy Plate

Team Captain: Kathy Plate

Girls Basketball

Team Captains: Nancy Heine and Melissa Rydell

Girls Soccer

Team Captain: Hilary Pederson

Boys Soccer

Team Captains: Seth Nesselhuf and Steve Varns


Most Valuable: Cullen Iverson

Most Improved: Jared Thedorff

Outstanding Offensive Back: Thad Roche

Outstanding Receivers: Jason Madsen and Cory Novak

Outstanding Offensive Lineman: Anthony Senne

Outstanding Defensive Lineman: Anthony Senne

Outstanding Defensive Back: Jason Madsen

Outstanding Linebacker: Brandon Benzel

Outstanding Specialty Team Player: Adam Brooks

Team Captains: Cory Novak and Cullen Iverson

Winter Sports

Boys Basketball

Most Valuable: Bo Nelson

Most Improved: Tim Russell

Team Captains: Cullen Iverson, Derrick Brown and Jordan Thompson

Best Defensive Player: Jordan Thompson

6th Man Award: Todd Anderson

Assists Leader: Cullen Iverson

"Best Hustler": Landon Morse

Leading Rebounder: Bo Nelson


Most Valuable: Nancy Heine, Carey Engstrom and Karen Sorensen

Most Improved: Tessa Tuetken and Allison Stewart

Most Service Points: Carey Engstrom

Team Captains: Nancy Heine and Jaclyn Powell

Most Kills: Lana Johnson

Most Blocks: Leslie Larson

Hustle Award: Mary Nelson

Most Assists: Elly Kjose

Defensive Player: Jaclyn Powell


Most Valuable: Adam Koller

Most Tech Falls/Most Takedowns/Most 2 Pt. Near Falls: Elliot Hasse

Most Improved: Elliot Hasse

Team Captains: Adam Koller and Jared Thedorff

Most Major Decisions/Most 3 Pt. Near Falls: Chris Sinkie

Fastest Pin: Adam Koller

Most Improved JV: Kellen Cusick

Most Escapes: Josh Kyte

Most Pins/Most Team Points Scored: Ray O'Connor

Most Pins/Most Reversals: Jared Thedorff


Most Valuable: Amber Reisdorph

Most Improved: Brittany Gilkyson

Team Captain: Terri Upward

Best Effort: Katie Connors

Spring Sports

Girls Track

Most Valuable: Elly Kjose

Most Improved: Angie Rydell

Hardest Worker: Kathy Plate

Boys Track

Most Valuable: Eric Dehner

Most Improved: Todd Anderson

Hardest Workers: Jason Madsen and John Ring

Boys Tennis

Most Valuable: Ed Rudolph

Most Improved: Jason Holoch

Team Captain: Jon Spader

Girls Golf

Most Valuable: Allison Stewart

Most Improved: Karrie Plate

Team Captain: Allison Stewart


Most Spirited Cheerleader: Patty Crowley

Most Spirited Squad: Patty Crowley, Sarah Jordt, Lydia Michels, Mary Basom, Chelsea King and Joslyn Reimnitz

All-State Awards

Cory Novak, All-State Defensive End

Anthony Senne, All-State Defensive Tackle

Jason Madsen, All-State Wide Receiver

David Jensen, All-State Center

Eric Dehner, All-State Cross Country

Michelle Rasmussen, All-State Soccer

Hilary Pederson, All-State Soccer

Mike Veitz, All-State Swimming

Nicole Veitz, All-State Swimming

Anna Ristic, All-State Girls Tennis

VHS Athletic

Booster Club

Sportsmanship Award

Jordan Thompson and Kathy Plate

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