Yeager attending Academy for Construction Trades

Yeager attending Academy for Construction Trades Adam Yeager, a student of Vermillion High School, is participating in the first Academy for the Construction Trades at Southeast Technical Institute in Sioux Falls, June 5-23.

In an effort to address an increasing shortage of skilled and professional workers in the construction trades, local residential and commercial construction contractors, suppliers, and industry specialists have joined to offer this academy to expose students to the numerous jobs available in today's construction market.

The academy is a joint project of the Building Chapter of the Associated General Contractors of South Dakota, Southeast Technical Institute, Southeast Tech. Prep, Forward Sioux Falls, and South Dakota School to work, in cooperation with Sioux Falls area public school districts.

Throughout the initial three-week summer school class, the students are exposed through a hands-on approach to the many construction related trades including: surveying and excavating, concrete work, masonry, residential and commercial framing, residential and commercial roofing, commercial and residential plumbing and electrical, flooring, wall covering, carpentry, and many others.

Guest speakers from the various industries are invited into the classroom and labs to speak and demonstrate their particular field, the education required for their jobs, and career opportunities with related salary ranges. Industry specialists and certified instructors assist the students on the job site by providing guidance and leadership, allowing the students to do most of the work.

The process involves erecting four "sample" buildings, utilizing both residential and commercial products, most of which is donated by area AGC members and organizations. To complete the projects, students will also work through an entire demolition phase, preparing the site for the next academy class.

The purpose of the academy is to introduce students to a variety of specialty occupations within the construction industry as well as to offer parents and educators an opportunity to help young adults make difficult career and school choices.

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