Avera Sacred Heart sponsors Asthma Camp

Avera Sacred Heart sponsors Asthma Camp Four children received scholarships through Avera Sacred Heart Hospital to attend Asthma Camp at East Lake Okoboji, IA, in June, with funding provided by the Wellmark Foundation.

Asthma Camp participants included Austin Hysell and Danielle Logue, both of Yankton; Adam Jerke, Tripp; and Brody Stone, Vermillion.

Sponsorship was part of the hospital's "Breathe Better in Yankton" asthma awareness project supported by Wellmark Foundation grant funding. Other efforts supported by the grant included asthma awareness programs in Yankton schools and industries.

"The third goal of our asthma awareness project was to send children to Asthma Camp," explains Rowena Hurtubise, grant coordinator. "This was a great opportunity for children with asthma to learn that the boundaries of asthma don't have to hold them back."

Asthma Camp combines the fun activities of a summer camp with an experience focusing on self-discovery, self-confidence, and self-esteem. Children stay in cabins with others who have asthma, along with medical staff members.

Camp members learn ways of detecting "triggers" that can cause asthma flairs, proper use of inhalers and guidelines for living an active life with asthma.

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