Change orders are approved; DLR rep says construction ‘going well’

Change orders are approved; DLR rep says construction 'going well' by M. Jill Karolevitz The Vermillion School Board voted yes to several changes to the cost of the Vermillion High School construction project during its June 26 meeting.

Terry Muldoon of DLR Group, Omaha, NE, architects for the project, outlined the change orders for the school board that night. They included:

1. Electrical work on the kitchen hood: +$918. This work was not included in the original contract drawings, but is required for the final installation of the kitchen hood.

2. Delete flow valves at air handling units: -$239.

3. Delete pine flooring and substitute hardboard behind stage opening: – $2,160. This will allow for production sets to be nailed into the floor and was recommended to avoid ruining a �fancy� floor as sets are put up.

4. Miscellaneous electrical revisions: + $4,494. This change involves light fixture types, position of light fixtures, circuit wiring to basketball backstops, wiring to the stage dining panel and the main circuit breaker.These changes are needed to complete the installation of the associated items, and pricing of such was not in the original contract sum.

5. Electrical revisions to mechanical equipment:

+ $1,043. This proposal involves several miscellaneous changes/

revisions to the electrical portion of the heating and ventilating system. These items were not in the contractor�s bid price, but are needed to complete the building.

6. Piping changes to air handling units: – $1,320.

7. Add carbon dioxide sensor in auditorium: + $1,102.

8. Provide larger air separator: +$587.

9. Auditorium public address system changes: No cost available at the time of the meeting.

10. Joist bearing haunches in the auditorium: No cost available at the time of the meeting.

Following Muldoon�s presentation, school board member Nick Merrigan questioned some of the additional costs.

�These things that were forgotten, is that generally what we have a contingency for?� he asked. �I mean, we should be far enough into this project that we shouldn�t run into too many things that were left out.�

�The contingency fund is for things like this,� Muldoon said. �Or for anything that you want added.�

The total contingency fund for the high school construction is about $100,000, according to Superintendent Robert Mayer, who noted that more changes could be coming as the project continues, but they wouldn�t necessarily be additions to the cost.

�In the commons, we�re looking at redoing a classroom, which is now the kitchen,� he said. �We were looking at knocking a wall out, but I don�t think we�re going to. That will be a deduct.�

�Usually about 2 to 3 percent is allowed for change orders on a project,� Muldoon said. �Things do come up. It�s a fact of life. Your cost of this project is in the $6 million range and 2 percent of that is $120,000, so your contingency is reasonable.�

Following discussion, the school board approved proposals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8. Proposals 9 and 10 will be further discussed by the board when prices are available. However, if the cost for each is under $1,000, Mayer has authority to approve them, as agreed upon when the construction project started.

Muldoon noted that the project is �going really well,� he said. �The quality of the workmanship is good and I would say we�re on schedule. Things are moving along fine.�

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