Gray bowls to eighth place in WIBC Championship

Gray bowls to eighth place in WIBC Championship Jolinda Gray by M. Jill Karolevitz Jolinda Gray of Vermillion spent July 7 and 8 in Reno, NV, but didn�t come home with a fistful of dollars from a casino. Instead, she bowled her way to eighth place in Division III singles and all events in the Women�s International Bowling Congress Championship Tournament.

Gray bowled 581 in singles and 1,609 in all events. She is a member of the Tootsie�s Hair and Tanning team. Along with JoEllen �Toots� Solomon, others who bowled with the Tootsie�s Hair and Tanning team in Reno were Connie Waage, Lois Gregoire and Melinda Gilbertson. The team bowled to 109th place in Division III, with a 2,317.

Bowlers for Vermillion�s Walking Billboard team who also bowled in Reno were Holly Annis, Sandy Marker, Sally Manning, Laurie Kruse and Margaret Lamb.

Competition for the WIBC Championship Tournament takes place for 120 days to accommodate the 72,242 bowlers. Competitors are divided into several divisions according to average: Classic Division � 180 and over in singles and all events, 359 and over for doubles and 896 and over for five-player teams; Division I � 165-179 for singles and all events, 329-358 for doubles and 821-895 for teams; Division II � 150-164 for singles and all events, 299-328 for doubles, and 746-820 for teams; and Division III � 149 and under for singles and all events, 298 and under for doubles and 745 and under for teams.

Division III, in which Gray competed, had 4,251 team entries, 11,847 doubles and 25,373 entered in singles.

Throughout the WIBC Championship Tournament, approximately 578,000 games are bowled � more than 4,800 games daily.

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