Legion team faces tough opponents at Fargo, ND

Legion team faces tough opponents at Fargo, ND Of the five games played by Vermillion's Post #1 Legion baseball team at the Fargo, ND Invitational Tournament, the first and fifth games were definitely "bad" as Post #1 failed to score in both of them.

In the Fargo game, Vermillion could get only three hits (singles) while striking out five times, leaving seven runners on base.

Fargo scored eight unearned runs (seven in a nightmarish second inning) as four errors surrounded by five hits put the game out of reach. Tim Broderson was the victim of some sloppy play and took the loss.

Line stats: Fargo � nine runs, seven hits, no errors; Post #1 � no runs, three hits, four errors.

In the fifth game Vermillion's team went 0 for16, at the plate, in a 4 1/2 inning battering from Brainard, MN who threw a no-hitter at them. Broderson took the loss and Dan Tolsma relieved as Brainard scored 22 runs (13 in the third inning) on 18 hits while committing two errors. Post #1 went: no runs, no hits, five errors.

The other three games in the tourney were more exciting and are reported in the other articles about Fargo's Invitational.

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