Letters Who has right to use the river?

To the editor:

I read with not much interest Mrs. Norma Wilson's opinion on PWC and boat users on the unenforceable ban area of the Missouri River.

It's too bad that Mrs. Wilson doesn't understand PWC and boat operation.

I've never seen her operate either but she seems to know all about them or the supposed damage we boaters do.

Mr. Jim Heisinger claims the supposed ban affects only 3 percent of the river area. Does that mean they want sole use of it for themselves?

PWC users � keep using the river and talk to your congressman. If we don't stop this foolishness, eventually only those dangerous canoes will be on the river.

Dennis Martens


Do you remember Tillie Geppert?

To the editor:

Do you remember my grandmother Tillie Geppert? Do you remember her oldest daughter Genevieve, the Graf boys, and their father Steve who helped maintain the physical plant at USD for years?

Do you remember Tillie's other seven Geppert children: Frances and Leo, Joe and Tom, Mary my mother, Jean and Chuck (who was born after Tillie's husband died)? Do you remember how unselfish she was, how she took up painting after age 80?

Do you remember she started a "nursery school" in the '30s, a movement we now call early childhood education?

Maybe you did not know that is for whom USD's early childhood center is named? Or was, since the name will be changed to honor a funding benefactor. So I will tell you.

I will tell you, too, USD sent Tillie's family (some of whom have also died) letters requesting large sums of money. I will tell you USD specifically linked Grandma's name continuing to be associated with this center to the reception of money. I will tell you Grandma Tillie's Irish chuckle would echo at something so foolish she'd never asked for in the first place since those little children, those "kiddies," were the most important people to be thought of there and should have things named for them. I will tell you her Irish temper would echo at "higher" education/fundraising types who had forgotten that.

I will tell you a poet and embarrassed USD alum like myself cannot stand to waste more valuable wordpower on those so less-worth. Tell them so too if YOU remember, and know.

Jack Kreitzer

St. Paul, MN

Reader shares good memories

To the editor:

I lived in Vermillion during the early '40s. My mother (Cecile Monson) was a Clay County nurse and I attended Jolley and Austin schools.

I read the other day of the passing of your old baker (Mr. Jacobson) and it reminded me of stopping early in the morning after delivering the Broadcaster to the warmth and those delicious rolls.

Vermillion was a good town to grow up in.

Charles Monson, M.D.


Vermillion is way behind the curve

To the editor:

Rather than second guess who did what to whom a year ago in the DTG cable franchise negotiations, we should turn a new page.

In renewing the franchise for Vermillion Cable TV last year, the city council, in effect, established policy concerning cable franchise agreements. Fairness dictates that we offer the same franchise terms to DTG/McLeodUSA that were agreed to with Vermillion Cable TV, including no Internet service franchise fee, and the same term of years.

I think the argument is convincing that first-rate Internet and telecommunications connectivity is a draw for business and industry considering locating in Vermillion. Similarly, members of the university community and our public school children often need faster home Internet connections than dial-up telephone modems can provide.

At the moment, Vermillion is way behind the curve � the only way a resident can currently get faster home Internet service is to buy an expensive commercial ISDN line at a cost of hundreds of dollars a month.

A competitive environment in telecommunications services is most likely to get Vermillion superior service at the best cost. City government should invite McLeodUSA to reopen discussions, offering the same franchise terms agreed to with Vermillion Cable TV.

Mike Marek


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