Mediacom will expand services; company reps meet with city

Mediacom will expand services; company reps meet with city by David Lias Vermillion's cable television provider, Mediacom, will be expanding its services in the community.

City Manager Jeff Pederson told city aldermen of the company's plans at Monday's Vermillion City Council meeting, noting that he and Mayor William Radigan had met with Mediacom officials earlier that day.

"Assurance was given to us by Mediacom that they are in progress of rebuilding the cable infrastructure system," Pederson said. "They plan to have that complete in October."

The improved cable television system should be up and running by the end of the year, Pederson said.

"We also learned that Mediacom fully intends to offer high speed Internet," Pederson said.

Those services will be offered not long after the new cable system is operating.

"Lastly, and most interestingly, is that Mediacom intends to get into local telephone (service)," Pederson said. "The cable infrastructure allows for that, and we've found that the company has come to the realization that all of these services now come together to comprise telecommunication services.

"The real competitive edge in these is to bundle them up and offer them as a package," he added. "It would appear ? that Mediacom is going to be offering everything that in fact is available from a telecommunications company."

"We're dealing with the ninth largest provider of this service in the nation," Radigan said. "I flat out asked them where we were on their priority list, and they said we are about as high on the list as we can get."

Mediacom officials also told Radigan and Pederson that the company plans to concentrate its efforts in smaller cities. "They don't plan to operate in Sioux Falls," Radigan said.

See next week's Plain Talk for a more detailed report of Mediacom's telecommunications plans for the Vermillion community.

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