Open Class Results

Open Class Results Crafts

Best of Show � Kay Heikes; Second Place � Jim Sample; Third Place � Jim Sample.

Wall Hangings

Blue: Lonna Larson, Lonna Larson, Chad Peterson, Becky Jepsen, Carlee Sorenson and Gene Lindblom.



Blue: Abby Ouellette, Erin Rasmussen and Kara Rasmussen.

Red: Amanda Connely.

Wall Decorations

Blue: Samantha Brown.

Holiday Decorations

Blue: Kay Rasmussen.

Red: Samantha Brown.

Holiday Parade

Other than named

Blue: Ella Severson, Ella Severson, Mary Walker, Mary Walker, Becky Jepsen and Mildred Krause.

Red: Mildred Krause.


Blue: Chad Peterson, Emma Getzin and Emma Getzin. Red: Emily Connelly and Amanda Connelly.

White: Jana Bye, Anthony Von Haden and Anthony Von Haden.

Hobbies & Crafts


Red: Kaia Nelson.

Liquid Embroidery

White: Emma Getzin.

Refinished Furniture

Red: John Wolfgang.

White: Josh Brower.

Constructed &

Finished Furniture

Blue: Jim Sample and Josh Brower.

Wood Article

Blue: Kay Heikes, Chad Peterson, Ron Lindahl, Ron Lindahl, Jim Sample and Josh Brower.

Wood Toy

Blue: Ron Lindahl and Ron Lindahl.

Stuffed Toy with

Plush Fabric

Red: Ella Severson.

Plaster of Paris

Red: Emma Getzin.


Blue: Phyllis Sternquist, Chad Peterson, Chad Peterson, Amanda Connelly, Kaia Nelson and Rachel Nelson.

Red: Ron Lindahl.


Best of Show � Mary Waller; Second Place � Mary Waller; Third Place � Mary Waller.

Adult Clothing

Accessory Item

Blue: Mary Waller and Mary Waller.

Adult Coat or Cape

Blue: Mary Waller and Mary Waller.

Adult Wearable Art

Blue: Breean Solberg.


Blue: Mary Waller.

Counted Stitch

Best of Show � Peggy Nelson; Second Place � Carlotta Kruse; Third Place � Carlotta Kruse.

Bedroom Linen

Blue: Korry Speakman.

Crewel and/or Embroidery

Wall Hanging or Picture

Red: Connie Holoch.

Embroidery Picture 8"x10"

Blue: Peggy Nelson.

Red: Carlotta Kruse.

Embroidery Picture over 8"x10"

Blue: Joan Olson, Carlotta Kruse and Carlotta Kruse.

Yarn and Thread

Best of Show � Maurine Richardson; Second Place � Maurine Richardson; Third Place � Cyndy Chaney.

Afghans Crocheted

Blue: Maurine Richardson and Maurine Richardson.

Other Knitting

Blue: Cyndy Chaney and Mildred Krause.


Best of Show � Jewell Kronaizl; Second Place � Joan Olson; Third Place � Mary Waller.

Bed Size Quilt by

Commercial Quilter

Blue: Phyllis Christol, Joan Olson, Mary Waller, June Kronaizl and June Kronaizl.

Child Size Machine Quilted

Blue: Jewell Kronaizl. Red: Mary Waller.

Child Size Quilted by

Commercial Quilter

Blue: June Kronaizl.

Wall Size Hand Quilted

Red: Meryl Reed.

White: Mildred Krause and Mildred Krause.

Wall Size Machine Quilted

Blue: Mary Waller, Jewell Kronaizl and Jewell Kronaizl.


Blue: Mary Smart and Mary Smart.


Best of Show � Maxine Rayman; Second Place � Connie Holoch; Third Place � Emily Miller.

Bread (Yeast)

Dinner Rolls (4)

Blue: Jen Merrigan.

White Bread

Blue: Barbara Papik.

Whole Wheat Bread

Red: Ella Severson.

Raisin Bread

Blue: Barbara Papik.


Blue: Barbara Papik.

Sweet Doughs (Yeast)

Cinnamon Rolls

Blue: Maxine Rayman.

Dinner Rolls

Blue: Maxine Rayman.

Quick Breads

Date Breads

Blue: Ella Severson.

Banana Nut Bread

Red: Maxine Rayman and Rosalie Hubert.

Muffins (any type)

Red: Ella Severson.


Chocolate Cake

Blue: Emily Connelly.


Blue: Barbara Papik.


Blue: Maxine Rayman and Korry Speakman.

Rolled and Cut

Red: Samantha Brown.


Blue: Chad Peterson, Jana Bye and Mary Hanson.

Red: Ella Severson, Joshua Brown and Jana Bye.

White: Ella Severson and Samantha Brown.


Blue: Chad Peterson.


Blue: Chad Peterson.


Blue: Jana Bye.

Red: Emily Connelly.


Any Kind

Blue: Samantha Brown, Samantha Brown and Connie Holoch.

Bread Machine Breads

White Bread

Blue: Shirley Thedorff.

Convenience Foods


Blue: Emily Anne Miller and Emily Anne Miller.

Soy Baked Goods


Blue: Emily Anne Miller.

Food Preservation

Best of Show � Kaia Nelson; Second Place � Ella Severson; Third Place � Chad Peterson.



Blue: Kaia Nelson, Chad Peterson and Emily Anne Miller.

Red: Ella Severson and Rachel Nelson.


Blue: Ella Severson.

Red: Ella Severson, Joyce Lindquist, Joyce Lindquist and Emily Anne Miller.


Red: Ella Severson and Rachel Nelson.


Blue: Ella Severson.


Blue: Matthew Brown. Red: Chad Peterson.

Best of Show � Debbie Proefrock; Second place � Nancy Clay; Third Place � Lonna Larson.


Oil, Landscape

Blue: Nancy Clay.

Red: Nancy Clay.

Oil, Still Life

Red: Nancy Clay.

Acrylic, Still Life

Red: Sam Lundquist.

Acrylic, Other

Blue: Debbie Proefrock.

Red: Lonna Larson.

Water Color, Other

Blue: Nancy Clay.


Blue: Lonna Larson, Lonna Larson, April Gawboy, Nancy Clay and Nancy Clay.

Red: Austin Campbell.


Best of Show � April Gawboy; Second Place � Robin Miskimins; Third Place � Becky Aga.

Black and White


White: Melissa Hamersma.


Red: Mary Hanson.



Red: Becky Aga and Mary Hanson.


Blue: Robin Miskimins, Robin Miskimins, Connie Holoch and Connie Holoch.

Red: Mary Hanson.

White: Melissa Hamersma.


Blue: Robin Miskimins.


Blue: April Gawboy and Robin Miskimins.

Red: Becky Aga and Becky Aga.

White: Robin Miskimins. South Dakota

Blue: Becky Aga. White: Connie Holoch and Melissa Hamersma.


Blue: Robin Miskimins. White: Connie Holoch.


Blue: Keith Miskimins, Keith Miskimins and Mary Hanson.

White: Connie Holoch.


Best of Show � Nila Fostvedt; Second Place � Ella Severson; Third Place � Marcy Lund.

Cut Flowers

Rose, Hybrid Tea

Blue: Joyce Lundquist.


Blue: Nila Fostvedt, Virginia Johnson, Chad Peterson and Teresa Solberg.


Blue: Nila Fostvedt.

Red: Teresa Solberg, Virginia Johnson and Chad Peterson.


Blue: Nila Fostvedt, Louie Fostvedt and Chad Peterson.

Red: Maxine Rayman, Iris Rydell and Iris Rydell.

Marigolds � Single

Blue: Maxine Rayman.

Marigolds � Double

Blue: Virginia Johnson and Joyce Lundquist.

Red: Jim Meyers.

Marigolds � Dwarf

Blue: Maxine Rayman and Ella Severson.

Red: Nila Fostvedt and Jim Meyers.


Blue: Jim Meyers.

Petunias � Single

Blue: Maxine Rayman.

Petunias � Ruffled

Blue: Maxine Rayman.


Red: Teresa Solberg.


Blue: Teresa Solberg and Breean Solberg.


Blue: Nila Fostvedt, Louie Fostvedt, Ella Severson and Chad Peterson.

Red: Rachel Nelson.

Potted Plants Foliage


Blue: Phyllis Sternquist.


Blue: Ella Severson.


Garden Flowers �

One Variety

Blue: Marcy Lund.

Garden Flowers �

Any Variety

Blue: Ella Severson, Emma Getzin, Garrett Jepsen and Shannon Jepsen.


Blue: Linda Thaden.

Floral Centerpieces

Blue: Nila Fostvedt.

Collection of Plants


Blue: Tabitha Hubert.


Best of Show � Ella Severson; Second Place � Matthew Brown; Third Place � Ella Severson.

Garden Vegetables & Fruits

Snap Bean

Red: Ella Severson.


Blue: Ella Severson.

Red: Joe Girard Jr.

Cabbage, Round Head

Blue: Chad Peterson and Chad Peterson.

Red: Ella Severson.

Cabbage, Red

Blue: Ella Severson.

Medium Carrot

Blue: Ella Severson.

Cucumber, Pickle

Blue: Matthew Brown and Samantha Brown.

Red: Ella Severson, Chad Peterson and Joe Girard Jr.

Cucumber, Slicing

Red: Joe Girard Sr.


Red: Ella Severson, Samantha Brown and Matthew Brown.

Dry Onions, White

Red: Ella Severson, Samantha Brown and Matthew Brown.

Dry Onions, Yellow

Red: Ella Severson, Matthew Brown, Joe Girard Sr. and Joe Girard Jr.

Dry Onions, Red

Red: Ella Severson, Joe Girard Jr. and Joe Girard Sr.

Blue: Ella Severson.

Peppers, Hot

Blue: Ella Severson. Red: Samantha Brown.

Peppers, Sweet

Blue: Joe Girard Jr.

Red: Ella Severson, Joe Girard Sr. and April Gawboy.

Potato, Red

Blue: Ella Severson.

Potato, White

Blue: Ella Severson.

Potato, Other

Blue: Ella Severson.


Blue: Ella Severson.

Tomato, Miniature

Blue: Ella Severson.

Novelty Vegetable

Blue: Ella Severson.

Standard Apples

Blue: Ella Severson.


Blue: Chad Peterson and Chad Peterson.

Red: Rose Girard and Matthew Brown.

Pie Contest

Best of Show � Ruby Plate (Peach Pie); Second Place � Maxine Rayman (Apple Pie); Third Place � Ella Severson (Peach and Nectarine).

Fruit Pie


Blue: Maxine Rayman.

Red: Sarah Plate.


Red: Beverly Angerhofer.

Fresh Peach

Blue: Ruby Plate.

Red: Allison Stewart.


Blue: Ella Severson.


Best of Show � Becky Aga; Second Place � Ella Severson.

Cookie Box, Plate,

or Basket

Blue: Becky Aga and Ella Severson.

Table Setting

Best of Show � Emily Miller; Second Place � Emily Miller; Third Place � Shirley Thedorff.

Happy Birthday

Blue: Emily Miller, Emily Miller and Shirley Thedorff.

Red: Shirley Thedorff.

County Mailboxes

Best of Show � Laura Aga; Second Place � Jeanette Hubert; Third Place � April Gawboy; Fourth Place � Zach Holoch; Most Unusual � Michelle Rydell and Represents Year 2000 � Amanda Aga.

Honorable Mention: Shirley Thedorff; Jennifer Lindblom; Sheridan and Phyllis Sternquist; Virginia Delvaux (2); Gene Lindblom; Shelli Knutson (2) and Kelly O'Dea.

Also Participating: Kyle Hubert; Maxine Johnson; Rachel and Kaia Nelson; Carrie Bondhus; Julie Renner; Kate Renner; Emily Renner; Shelli Knutson; Emily Holoch; Debi Pearson; Lonna Larson; W. E. Gotchue; Mike Lindstrom; Kyle Lindstrom and Eric Lindstrom.

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