Obituaries Ardis T. Brunick Ardis T. Brunick, 84, of Vermillion, died Thursday, June 29, 2000 at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Care Center. Ardis Knutson was born Jan. 21, 1916 in Vermillion to Thomas and Anna (Benson) Knutson. She attended Elmwood Country School, graduated from Vermillion High School, and received her … Read Article

For the Record

For the Record Mary Dell Cody, Presiding: June 9 � June 15, 2000. Brett Browne, 400 N. Plum St. #1, Vermillion: Possess two ounces of marijuana or less, Dismissal � recharged; Possession of alcohol by minor, Dismissal � recharged; Ingest intoxicant other than alcoholic beverage, Dismissal � recharged; use or … Read Article