Post #1 is victorious in first tourney game

Post #1 is victorious in first tourney game The Lennox Post #174 team defeated Beresford Post #72 in the exciting first game in session one of the Region 3B tournament by a score of 10-7 to advance to the winners' bracket in the next round.

The score alternated the leads early until Beresford tied it at 6 in the seventh inning. Then in the bottom of the seventh, George Sazama led off with a solo home run setting the stage for a 10-6 lead which held up for the win even though Beresford scored a run and had two men on base before running out of "outs." Tommy Hofer was the winning pitcher.

The second game involved Post #1 against Tea Post #266. The surroundings were familiar for the Vermillion team even though they were assigned the visitors' dugout and were up first at the game's start.

Jason Madsen walked and Tyler Vacek's double advanced him to score the first run. After an out, Aaron Baedke drove Vacek in and Tim Brodersen hit a towering fly ball over the left field fence for a two-run homer making the game result almost predestined.

Brodersen was the starter, pitching three innings giving up two hits and two unearned runs, striking out five, walking three. He was relieved by Eric Holoch in the fourth inning where three more unearned runs were scored when a bases-loaded pop fly instituted an infield fly rule.

The runners were running and the ball was not caught so they continued to run when the players in the field misunderstood the ruling. Two scored, and a third run came in on a fielder's choice out. By then, Vermillion had built a 13-5 lead and Drew Lawrence struck out the side in the fifth and final inning. The team scored five more runs in the fourth inning making Brodersen the winning pitcher of the 18-5 final score victory.

Post #1 scoring and RBI results were: Varns � two runs, one hit, two RBIs; Madsen � four runs, one hit, one RBI; Vacek � three for four hits, three runs, four RBIs; Baedke � one run, two RBIs; Dan Holoch � two runs; Brooks � two for three, two runs; Todd Anderson � one run; Brodersen � one for two, two runs, three RBIs.

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