Split is result of Post #1 vs. Pender double-header

Split is result of Post #1 vs. Pender double-header A double header against Pender, NE resulted in a split as Vermillion took the opener 14-9, but succumbed to Pender 9-5 in the second game.

Todd Anderson started the first game and was credited with the win as he went six innings giving up seven runs on seven hits, striking out eight and walking six facing 36 batters in the six-inning stint.

Tim Broderson came in to relieve for the "mop-up," giving up two unearned runs when the fielders committed three errors on three consecutive batters before closing out the game. The defense allowed only four earned runs in the seven-inning game.

Scoring stats for Post #1 were: Broderson � two runs; Aaron Baedke � one for three, one run; Steven Varns � two for five, one run, four RBIs (HR); Brett Mockler � one run; Jason Madsen � one for three, two runs; Dan Tolsma � two for five, two runs, one RBI; Tyler Vacek � one for five, two runs, one RBI; Eric Rickord � one run; Adam Brooks � three for four, one run, one RBI; Anderson � one for three, one run, two RBIs.

Line scores: Vermillion � 14 runs, 11 hits, five errors; Pender � nine runs, seven hits, six errors.

The second game found the visitors falling behind 4-1 after two innings with starting pitcher Dan Holoch giving up four hits, one walk, and an error, before running into a nine-batter, five-run onslaught to necessitate turning the game over to relief pitcher Broderson who held the opposition scoreless the rest of the way. However, Vermillion's offense could only generate three runs in the game making Pender the winner of the 9-5 victory. Holoch took the loss.

Scoring and RBI results were: Vacek � one for three hits, two runs; Broderson � one for four, one RBI; Holoch � one run; Tolsma one run; Madsen � two for two, one run, one rbi.

Line score: Pender � nine runs, seven hits, four errors; Vermillion � five runs, five hits, three errors.

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