Three new doctors to practice in area

Three new doctors to practice in area Three new doctors will start practice in the Vermillion area Aug. 1.

Dr. Vicki Walker and Dr. Mary Jo Olson, family practice physicians, will join the Sioux Valley Vermillion and Elk Point Clinics. Their practice will include adult medicine, obstetrics and women's health, pediatrics and geriatrics. They join Dr. Coen Klopper, family physician, and Dr. Chris F. Hugo, general surgeon, and Phil Tigert, Gloria Stewart and Karen Pearson, physician assistants, in the Vermillion and Elk Point Clinics.

Dr. Matt Krell, pediatrician, will start practice with the Vermillion Medical Clinic Aug. 1. He will provide general pediatric services and consultation. He joins Dr. William Dendinger and Dr. Charles Yelverton, family practice physicians, Dr. Julie Stevens, pediatrician, Marilyn Harms and Joseph Olliver, physician assistants, at the Vermillion Medical Clinic.

Together with the other local physicians, Dr. Thomas Olson, who specializes in family practice, and Dr. Jolynn Bugbee, who specializes in internal medicine, the Vermillion medical staff provides care for the whole family including adult medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery and geriatrics.

The three new physicians all are graduates of The University of South Dakota School of Medicine. The addition of these new physicians together with the physicians already on the Vermillion hospital medical staff will broaden the health care already available in the community and provide increased access and options for Vermillion area residents.

"The addition of these new physicians to our medical staff will be very complimentary to our commitment to make as much health care as possible available locally," said Dr. William Dendinger, chief of Vermillion hospital medical staff. "They are well trained and qualified in their specialties and we are excited about working with them."

"In conjunction with the addition of the new physicians and the special skills of our current medical staff, we are planning to expand our services and offer new health care programs in the future," said John Paulson, CEO of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus. "Focusing on what we are calling 'Centers of Excellence,' we will be pursuing new ways of serving the community in women and children's health, acute care nursing including ER, cardiac, surgical, and general medical care, outpatient care and specialty outreach, sports medicine and orthopedics, and geriatric care and rehabilitation.

"With the new programs and services we are planning, increased health care will be available for people close to home," Paulson continued. "We see this as a great way to augment and build on the expertise of our medical staff. It will help us serve everyone in the area better."

in meeting their health care needs including people from southeastern South Dakota and people in the Nebraska."

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