USD law professor gives opinion in Smart Money

USD law professor gives opinion in Smart Money Roger Baron, professor of law at The University of South Dakota, was recently featured in a national publication as an expert on health care insurance and subrogation.

Baron was included in the July issue of Smart Money magazine. The article, titled "Adding Insult to Injury," focuses on how health plans and hospitals claim large portions of victim's settlements from insurance companies through a process known as subrogation.

"Subrogation is when an insurer, after having paid a claim to its insured, stands in the shoes of the insured in order to collect money from another party responsible for the loss to the insured," said Baron.

"Health plans are getting more aggressive about going after those dollars, it's the biggest underrated issue there is," said Baron in the article.

Baron has studied the issue of subrogation extensively and teaches insurance and related subjects at the USD School of Law. He received national recognition for his knowledge in the field of subrogation through his law review article titled "Subrogation: A Pandora's Box Awaiting Closure." Attorneys from around the country rely on advice from Baron when they face the issue of subrogation.

The article's author, Michelle Andrews, obtained Baron's name as an expert in the field from several attorneys around the country. He is one of few scholars to have extensively studied the issue of subrogation and the only law professor used as an expert in the article.

Baron says the reason for his involvement in the issue of subrogation was that he saw the hardships it was imposing on his clients and others.

Baron says the article in Smart Money has been beneficial to him, both personally and professionally. Since publication, phone calls from lawyers involved in subrogation matters have increased.

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