Vermillion Legion team eliminated from state

Vermillion Legion team eliminated from state The final game between Post #1 and Lennox Post #174 was another see-saw battle.

Vermillion took an early four-point lead then Lennox caught up, taking the lead 5-4 in the top of the fifth, only to see the home team tie the score 5-5. Then the score became 6-6 and the lead changed to Lennox's favor 7-6 after seven innings.

Tim Brodersen was the starter and faced 41 batters before being relieved by Dan Holoch in the eighth inning. Brodersen recorded eight strike-outs, walked six, and gave up 11 hits and eight runs.

The effect of playing four games in four days became apparent when Lennox loaded the bases in the ninth inning and before the bases were cleared, six more runs crossed the plate making the final score 17-7 in favor of Post #174, qualifying them for the state tournament.

Jeremy Welch was the winning pitcher, Brodersen took the loss. Each starting pitcher hit a home run in the game!

Post #1 scoring and RBI results were: Madsen � one run, one for four hits; Tyler Vacek � three for five hits, one run, one RBI; Aaron Baedke � one for three hits, two RBIs; Holoch � three for four, one run; Brodersen � three for four, two runs, three RBIs; Dan Tolsma � two for five, one run; Steven Varns � two for five, one run, one RBI.

Line scores: Vermillion � seven runs, 15 hits, six errors; Lennox � 17 runs, 16 hits, four errors.

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