City has five failures in sting; State’s alcohol sale inspection checks area towns

City has five failures in sting; State's alcohol sale inspection checks area towns A total of 13 businesses in Brookings, Madison, Chester, Beresford, North Sioux City, Spink, Elk Point, and Vermillion failed South Dakota's most recent alcohol sting operation, according to state Secretary of Commerce and Regulation David Volk.

They were among 101 businesses checked on Tuesday, Aug. 9 and Wednesday, Aug. 10 as part of the state's underage alcohol sting inspection program designed to curb underage purchase of alcohol.

"As our young people get ready to go back to school the governor wants to send a strong message that underage purchasing of alcohol will not be tolerated in South Dakota," said Volk. "While this failure rate is lower than our first week of stings it still remains high, especially in light of all the publicity regarding the sting operations statewide. I've also been watching the results from local law enforcement stings, like in Minnehaha County, and they're getting similar results. Everyone is finding that we still have a lot of work to do."

Volk said that Elk Point, Chester and Spink each had 100 percent compliance. The two towns with the highest buy rates were Madison, with 23 percent of businesses selling to the underage buyer, and Vermillion, which had 21 percent of businesses selling to the underage buyer.

The businesses that failed in Vermillion were Coyote Convenience, Recuerdo's, Vermillion Liquor Store, Shop EZ and Players Tavern.

The businesses that passed in Vermillion were Chalky's, Main Street Pub, Choice Pharmacy, Pump 'n Pak, Jones' Food Center, Coastal, Freedom Valu Center, Casey's General Store, Silver Dollar Restaurant, Pump 'N Stuff, Varsity Pub, Coffee Cup Fuel Stop, Hy-Vee Food Store, Charcoal Lounge, Carey's Bar, Leo's Lounge, Bunyans, Tomahawk Motel, and The Prairie (Pro's).

Other results from the past week show: Brookings: 21 total, one fail; Madison: 22 total, five fail; Chester: two total, zero fails; Beresford: nine total, one fail; North Sioux City: 18 total, one fail; Spink: one total, zero fail; Elk Point: four total, zero fail.

To date, the program has conducted a total of 457 checks statewide resulting in 82 failures. The overall noncompliance rate to date is 17.9 percent.

The stings are part of Gov. Bill Janklow's effort to combat underage drinking. The state has contracted with Compliance Plus, a private company, to conduct the stings. Names of businesses who fail are turned over to local law enforcement. According to Volk it is very easy to determine who is old enough by looking at a person's driver's license.

"If the license has either a green or red header bar, the clerk automatically knows that the person is under 21. We do not use fake IDs in our stings, so all they have to do is look for the colors."

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