Grand Piano Studio announces national awards

Grand Piano Studio announces national awards The Advisory Committee for the Grand Piano Studio has presented National Danforth Achievement Awards for Outstanding Solo Piano Study to:

Kristi Rath for nine years; Jon Rusch and Mark Rusch for eight years each and to Brenda Banks, four years.

Rath is the daughter of Mike and Corinne Rath. Jon and Mark Rusch are the sons of Judge Arthur and Lana Rusch. Banks is the daughter of Dr. Fred and Dr. Angela Banks. Banks was also honored with gifts for her May graduation from Vermillion High School.

Outstanding Student Awards were also presented by the committee to James May (age 3), Nick Britten, Samuel Ekstrom, Olivia Vandenhul, Shelli Knutson, Brenda Banks, Jon Rusch, and Kristi Rath.

Receiving the Most Improved Student Awards were Ellen Voigt, David Yarbrough, Tony Jensen, Kristin Olson, Daniel Day, Fred Banks and Mark Rusch.

Presented with Progressive Achievement awards were Caitlin Britten, Paul May, Emily Vandenhul, Janani Rogothaman, Hilary Callahan, Sarah Day, Rylan Olliver, Taylor Jensen, Kristen Schwasinger, Jane Reasoner, Angie Christensen, Alyssa Olliver, Jade Van Kley, Elizabeth Day, Maggie Green, Lauren Higgins, Nicole Spindler, Jack Higgins, Chelsea Gauer, Molly Green, Lindsey Davies, Sarah Anderson and Rebecca Girlinghouse.

The students are taught by Janis M. Yarbrough, (ASCAP) who just celebrated 13 years of private piano instruction in Vermillion.

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