Korean War vets chapter developing

Korean War vets chapter developing A South Dakota Korean War Veterans Association is being developed.

Membership in the new chapter will include those who are presently members and members of the VFW, American Legion, Jewish War Veterans, or Catholic War Veterans.

Criteria for membership are:

1. Any person who has served honorably during the Korean War (Sept. 1945 to Jan. 31, 1955) at any location in or outside Korea. Anyone who has served in Korea from Feb. 1, 1955 to a date yet to be determined.

2. Any Medal of Honor recipient.

3. Any person held as a prisoner of war by the North Koreans, Chinese, or Russian forces during and after the period of hostilities from June 25, 1950 forward, shall be eligible for life membership.

Application for membership in the new Korean War veterans chapter may be obtained by writing or calling: Fred A. Duve, 916 West Clark Street, Vermillion, SD 57069, phone (605) 624-2134.

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