Letters Vermillion must find leaders

To the editor:

I commend and congratulate Mr. David Lias for the fine editorial on his report on DTG, and his editorial on the proposed funding for the proposed new fire station. Mr. Lias had some valid criticism of the city council and mayor. But like most constructive criticism, it fell on deaf ears. I would like to see the Plain Talk and Mr. Lias do a lot more reporting and investigating with the political and financial decisions made by the city council and mayor.

Most of these decisions made by the council affect our community, and we as a community should know what the council is doing with our tax dollars. Maybe Mr. Lias could run a weekly opinion poll with questions or concerns of our citizens within our community.

I think it is important to know what our community is thinking. When you look back at some of the decisions made by our city council, we find there is little accountability or leadership in these decisions concerning taxes, and future economic growth of our community. Here are a few examples of misuse of public trust and misuse of citizen tax dollars:

1. The city council had to take the easy way out with the question of a new Casey's store. Did our leaders stop and think about tax dollars, and some economic growth within our community? "Let's let democracy work." What a cop out! And then come back with a $1.1 million fire station without a community vote. Why wasn't there a serious look at the cost of an all-steel building? I think the members of the city council should take a look at some of the fine and nice looking steel

buildings within our city. Why is it that our city council can't do what's right by our citizens, instead of trying to be politically correct?

2. Is there anyone on our city council that has questioned the budget and procedures of our city police force? According to statistics of the number of police officers per thousand resident, Vermillion should have a population of 30,000 citizens.

3. I'm betting that within three to five years, the Missouri River road coming out at Timber Road will have a highway straight up to bypass Highway 50. Do I need to say more about the proposed economic boom for the city of Vermillion?

4. My whole point of this letter to the editor is that we have to find leaders within our community that are shakers and movers, and get Vermillion moving into the 21st century. Without economic growth Vermillion will never be a vibrant, growing community. We have to reach out for every job opportunity we can find, or we as a community will continue to lose our best resource of a community � our young people.

Just thinking out loud

Dave Raabe


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