Letters AirLifeLine offers transport services

To the editor:

I am privileged to be a volunteer pilot for AirLifeLine. AirLifeLine is a national non-profit organization of private pilots who transport ambulatory patients who cannot afford the cost of travel to medical facilities. AirLifeLine's 1,100 pilots, who operate in all 48 contiguous states plus Alaska, donate their time, aircraft and fuel to make transportation totally free of charge for patients who qualify.

If you know of a medical patient who might qualify, you may encourage that person, parent or relative to contact AirLifeLine and make application. Or a referral can be made through a local physician or hospital. A toll free number, 1-877-247-5433, is available. The website is www.airlifeline.org.


Jerome B. Lammers


Blood bank grateful to donors

To the editor:

The Siouxland Community Blood Bank of Sioux City and the Sioux Falls Regional Blood Bank thank all who attempted to donate blood at the First Dakota National Bank and at Gateway blood drives on June 28.

The need for blood in our local hospitals never takes a summer vacation. Increased summer travel and recreational related accidents mean an increase in blood usage. There is also a decrease in donations due to busy summer schedules.

A big thanks goes out to Laura Hollingsworth and the other volunteers at First Dakota National Bank for coordinating their community blood drive and for allowing us to come into their facility. We also thank Teri Nygaard and Willie Sperry for coordinating the Gateway employee blood drive and for allowing us to come to their facility.

Your support and donations continue to help the supply of our area hospitals. The only way blood products are made available for area patients is if individuals in our communities volunteer to donate on a regular basis. We are very thankful for the dedicated Vermillion area blood donors!


Charlie Jespersen

Donor consultant

Siouxland Community Blood Bank of Sioux City

Split Rock Creek flows through Palisades

To the editor:

While reviewing the July 14 edition of the Plain Talk, I re-read the fine article about Palisades State Park written by Mr. Bill Willroth Sr.

I have been to this park several times and enjoyed it very much.

I agree with the article completely except for one thing.

The Big Sioux River doesn't flow through the Palisades. It is several miles to the west.

The stream that flows through the Palisades is known as Split Rock Creek. Its headwaters are south of Pipestone, MN and it flows through Garretson and the Palisades then empties into the Sioux River just south of Brandon.

I thought you might like to make this correction since some people may make this trip, now that Bill has sparked interest in the park.

Lee Wardlow


Vermillion swimmers deserve news coverage

To the editor:

Recently the Vermillion Area Swim Team competed in the S.D. State Championship Meet. Unfortunately because swimming is not a school sport in the state of South Dakota, any recognition to the team and its individual swimmers must come from articles written by parents or ads taken out in the Vermillion Broadcaster. No one else comes to photograph the state meet or write articles about the team's success.

This summer the team placed second in the "A" division behind a Sioux Falls team who was represented by over 70 swimmers. Vermillion had 28!!! Additionally the team had 18 individual state champions, two relay champions and two swimmers, Mike Veitz and Dustin Tomhave who received college scholarships from South Dakota Swimming.

Therefore I was very disappointed when the Plain Talk failed to include the pictures of the individual state champions and the relay teams that were to go along with the article. I'm tired of hearing "we didn't have room in this paper; we will include them next week."

I know that if the Vermillion Tanager football or basketball team were involved in a state championship event their pictures would not have

to wait and furthermore the pictures and articles would not have to be done by parents. Our swimmers are some of the hardest working, dedicated athletes to be found. They began their practice for this summer season in April. These kids practice every day from April to August. The older swimmers practice twice a day and by the end of the season these kids are swimming 10,000 meters per day. Not to mention they are involved in a sport in which they can participate in for the rest of their lives.

As people gear up for the summer Olympic games in Sydney 38 days from now, I hope people understand that the swimmers we watch began swimming in United States swimming organizations just like the Vermillion Swim Team. I also hope that in the future these young swimmers from Vermillion will get the same recognition and respect that all the other Vermillion athletes receive.

Respectfully submitted, Teresa Solberg, president

Vermillion Area

Swim Team

Editor's note: The Plain Talk has published submitted articles chronicling the achievements of the Vermillion Area Swim Team in its July 7, July 14, July 21, July 28 and Aug. 4 issues. This week's Plain Talk also contains two submitted photos and a brief story describing some of the latest accomplishments of these local athletes. The Plain Talk's policy is to strive to give news coverage to a wide variety of sporting events in the community.

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