Med school receives $1.75 million

Med school receives $1.75 million The University of South Dakota School of Medicine was awarded $1.75 million to support the study and prevention of heart failure, according to Senator Tom Daschle.

Funding was awarded through the Department of Health and Human Services National Institutes of Health.

The work will be conducted in the South Dakota Health Research Foundation, Cardiovascular Research Institute under the direction of Dr. Martin Gerdes.

Daschle said that the Cardiovascular Research Institute has recently made medical breakthroughs by linking heart failure to abnormal heart growth. The Institute will use the Department of Health and Human Services funding to continue its research into drug therapies that reverse abnormal health growth.

"I am pleased this funding will help support important research which could help prevent heart failure, the leading killer today in the U.S.," Daschle said. "I commend Dr. Martin Gerdes and the Cardiovascular Research Institute for their work, which will allow doctors throughout the world to more effectively treat their patients."

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