Purchase admission to USD Coyote events at tickets.com

Purchase admission to USD Coyote events at tickets.com Obtaining tickets to events at The University of South Dakota has been made a lot easier for Coyote alumni and supporters.

Beginning July 31, Coyote tickets can be purchased online at tickets.com, a leading online provider of entertainment, sports and travel tickets, event information and venue ticketing solutions, according to Kelly Higgins, USD director of athletics.

Individuals or groups interested in purchasing tickets to Coyote intercollegiate athletic events can do so at www.usd.edu/sports or going directly to www.tickets.com.

"It is important that we offer our alumni and supporters ways to purchase tickets from home at any time of the day or night. We think this service will be a great addition to our ticket operation," said Higgins, noting that alumni and supporters can still purchase tickets by calling (605)677-5959 and visiting with ticket manager Jeff Koyna, or stopping by the DakotaDome.

Tickets.com sells tickets through the Internet, retail outlets, call centers and interactive voice response systems. At tickets.com, consumers can obtain information on thousands of events and entertainment organizations, purchase tickets and shop for related products and services. Tickets.com's automated ticketing solutions are used by over 4,500 entertainment organizations and venues such as leading performing arts centers, professional sports organizations and various stadiums and arenas in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Australia and Latin America.

Tickets.com, Inc., established in 1996, is headquartered in Costa Mesa, CA. The company became publicly owned through an initial public offering in 1999.

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