Sioux Valley, USD work together

Sioux Valley, USD work together The University of South Dakota Medical Center relationship between Sioux Valley Hospitals & Health System and The University of South Dakota is well at work in Vermillion.

Numerous program, service, and facility arrangements signify the importance and depth of this University Medical Center relationship between the two organizations.

"Sioux Valley's Vermillion Medical Campus provides a rich educational environment in comprehensive primary care and is a true asset for our various health science programs," said Dr. Robert Talley, vice president and dean of The University of South Dakota School of Medicine. "Physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant, nursing, health administration and other health science students and our basic science medical students all benefit greatly from the experience they gain at the Sioux Valley Vermillion medical facilities and by working with the Vermillion hospital medical staff."

The physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistant programs occupy space in facilities at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus. Facilities are owned by the local Dakota Hospital Association & Foundation. Space became available when construction of new facilities at the Vermillion Medical Campus took place throughout the 1990s.

"The proximity and openness of the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus to our students and the collaboration we are establishing with the administration and staff help us provide an outstanding educational program for our students," said Dr. Jack Williams, dean of USD health sciences.

"We are very excited about the University Medical Center relationship we can have with USD here in Vermillion," said John Paulson, CEO Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus. "Student involvement in our healthcare services makes us a better medical center for Vermillion area residents and together with our medical staff we see the growth and development of the students as they gain experience here being rewarding for them as well."

"Our patients appreciate the fact that students are involved in their care here in our clinics and at the hospital and care center," said Dr. William Dendinger, chief of the Sioux Valley Vermillion hospital medical staff. "Students ask questions and spend time in ways that are very helpful to providing the best care possible. One of the key advantages of practicing medicine in Vermillion is the opportunity to be part of the health education and research programs of the university."

Educational relationships are very strong and significant for the health science students at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus. Students also work part-time in various departments of the hospital, clinic and care center, gaining valuable hands-on experience for their chosen professions.

In addition, new initiatives are under way with the university and Sioux Valley in the area of sports medicine. A Saturday morning athletic injury clinic will open in August provided by the Sioux Valley-University Sports Medicine Program staff at the Sioux Valley Vermillion Clinic.

A University Medical Center Task Force has been formed by the Sioux Valley Vermillion Campus and the university to further develop the teaching environment and relationships between the organizations and their programs.

This task force is made up of department heads and other health education and administration leadership of both the university and the Sioux Valley Vermillion Medical Campus and medical staff and will enable educational and service opportunities to be better coordinated and resources more effectively shared between them.

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