Special events highlight this year’s Clay County Fair

Special events highlight this year's Clay County Fair Youth Talent Contest

The 2000 Clay County Fair Youth Talent Contest, sponsored by Hy-Vee, was held on Saturday, July 22 on the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Placing first in the junior division was Carrie Christensen of Vermillion; second: Heather McDonald, Yankton; third: Elizabeth Hunhoff, Yankton. Placing first in the senior division was Shanna Ibarolle, Yankton; second: Emily Miller, Wakonda; third: Sarah Kleihauer, Elk Point.

Ibarolle will be presenting her vocal solo at the South Dakota Youth Talent Contest held during the Corn Palace Festival in Mitchell on Sunday, Aug. 27.

Pedal Tractor Pull

The 2000 Clay County Fair had approximately 70 children participating in the Pedal Tractor Pull Contest. The first and second place winners qualified for the South Dakota State Pedal Tractor Pull in Huron.

Age 4

Boys � first, Ty Iverson, Vermillion; second, Regan Bye, Vermillion; third, Brett Bye, Vermillion.

Girls � first, Brae Stone, Yankton.

Age 5

Boys � first, Alex Peterson, Harrisburg; second, Jackson Smith, Yankton.

Girls � first, Courtney Johnson, Vermillion; second, Lesley Stone, Yankton.

Age 6

Boys � first, Troy Hunhoff; second, Brian Huth; third, Kyle Pickett, Vermillion.

Girls � first, Chelsey Cahoon, Beresford; second, Elizabeth Bye, Vermillion.

Age 7

Boys � first, Scott Iverson, Vermillion; second, Brandon Jongeward, Vermillion; third, Brandon Fischer, Vermillion.

Girls � first, Kayla Jochims, Centerville; second, Jana Bye, Vermillion; third, Kenedy Smith, Yankton.

Age 8

Boys � first, Michael Hunhoff, Yankton; second, Tylar Solomon, Burbank; third, Micah Rarick.

Girls � first, Jenny Bye, Vermillion; Alex Smith, Yankton; third, Rebecca Hawley, Vermillion.

Age 9

Boys � first, Daniel Jochims; second, Jeffrey Anglin, Vermillion; third, Daniel Sokolowski, Wakonda.

Girls � first, Erica Johnson, Vermillion; second, Shaina Haakinson, Vermillion; third, Sara Bye, Vermillion.

Age 10

Boys � first, Andy Peterson, Wakonda; second, CJ Haakinson, Vermillion; third Lane Stockland, Wakonda.

Girls � first, Nicky Huth, Wakonda; second, Brittany Bye, Vermillion; third, Stacy Bottolfson, Vermillion.

Age 11

Boys � first, DC Walter, Crofton, NE; second, Patrick Morrison, Wakonda; third, Harrison Hawley, Vermillion.

Girls � first, Samantha Haakinson, Vermillion; second, Emma Erickson, Gayville; third Jennifer Jacobson, Vermillion.

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