Strong majority votes no

Strong majority votes no On Wednesday, Aug. 16, the Vermillion City Council reaffirmed a decision it made at its Aug. 7 meeting and decided to award bids for the construction of a new $1.2 million fire hall/ambulance facility in the city.

Citizens can't refer this decision to a public vote because it is an administrative, not a legislative, action.

Last week, the Plain Talk asked its readers: If you were given the opportunity to vote, what would you decide:

* Yes, the $1.2 million structure should be built.

* No, the city council should explore less expensive building options.

Just under 17 percent of the participants in the Plain Talk's election were in favor of the new $1.2 million station.

An overwhelming majority of voters, 83.1 percent, voted no, and with that vote also stated that the city council should have explored less expensive building options.

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