Upgrades planned for county fair

Upgrades planned for county fair by David Lias The Clay County Fair is just barely history, and plans are already being made to make next year's fair better.

Liz Develder, the Clay County Fair's secretary, said this year marked the first time that sponsors were sought to help bear some events' costs.

She said it is hoped that sponsor support will continue so that more events can be offered at the fair. Increased sponsorships also will mean that the fair will need to seek fewer dollars in the future.

"As we see that it works, and we're able to count on that money, then we'll be able to continue it," she told the Clay County Commission.

The fair outlayed a significant amount of funds recently to build a portable stage for events like the talent show and fashion revue.

"We've been doing some small barn improvements," she added, including electrical and penning upgrades to the sheep barn. There are also plans to purchase a sound system for the stage.

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