Clubs Theta Omega Chapter of ESA

The Theta Omega Chapter of ESA met at the home of Shelly Koller on Wednesday, Sept. 13. The educational at this meeting was ESA Awards.

It was voted to have Fall Rush be a Murder Mystery Dinner Party at Joan Nelsen's house. The committee will meet prior to the next meeting to organize the event.

Barb Campbell routed a sign-up sheet to work at the Radio-thon to be held in Sioux Falls on Oct. 13 and 14. The proceeds will benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Committees were established to organize the 2000/2001 state convention, which will be held May 4-6, 2001 in Vermillion.

Our local chapter will have members that will hold the following offices at the state level: Jan Kitzler, president elect, Becky Rider, state parliamentarian, Linda Thaden, awards co-chair and chaplain, Julie Heine, convention co-chair, Barb Campbell, past president and Sally Schmitz, Contest and Diana.

President Joan Nelson reminded the membership of fall council which will be held Saturday, Oct. 7 at 9 a.m. in Elk Point-Jefferson school.

The next meeting will be held on Oct. 11 at the home of Michelle Mueller with co-hostesses of Betsy Gottsleben and Pat Pravecek. The educational titled Building Tomorrow will be presented by Betsy and Lynne Day.

Country Gals 4-H Club

The Country Gals 4-H Club held its meeting on June 27, at 3:30 p.m. after helping deliver Meals on Wheels. President Leslie Larson called the meeting to order. Stacey Joy led the flag pledges.

The club discussed experiences while playing bingo at the nursing home. We also discussed the upcoming fair. We decided to hold a garage sale on Saturday, Aug. 20, beginning at about 8 a.m.

Colette Joy brought photographs for the club to judge. Theresa Ring showed the club how to paint paper mache picture frames for a demonstration.

The June and July community service projects included playing bingo at the nursing home and delivering Meals on Wheels.

Theresa Ring, reporter

Clay County Democrats

The monthly meeting of the Clay County Democrats was held at noon Sept. 13, at the Prairie Restaurant. Allen Johnson, co-chair, Clay County Democrats, called the meeting to order. Dr. Elizabeth Smith from the political science department, USD, spoke briefly concerning the Young Democrat organization on campus. Professor Raymond ring was introduced and spoke about different taxation methods and specifically about the inheritance tax.

Johnson and Berwyn Svoboda, co-chairs, Clay County Democrats, both presented information about upcoming activities. The second annual rummage sale is scheduled for Sept. 22 and 23 at 2111 North University Road. Campaign headquarters for Election 2000 will be located in the former Ashmore (Reedy's Hardware) building on Court Street. There will be a grand opening scheduled before the end of the month. Several homecoming parades are scheduled for this fall and our candidates will participate in them. The Young Democrats on campus are meeting at regular intervals and will be volunteering throughout the campaign. On Sunday, Sept. 17, the Young Dems will be guests of candidates at the home of BJ Nesselhuf.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Oct. 11 at noon.

Vermillion Rotary Club

Dean Clark called the meeting to order Sept. 19 for our regular luncheon at the Silver Dollar. Guests today were Ted Muenster, Jack Marsh, and Sue Ann Stutheit. Our regular sergeant-at-arms resumed his routine friendly fleecing of the membership with considerable success. The switch in the rules of the guessing game from multiple choice to "you just have to know it" augurs well for the financial well being of the club, if not necessarily its members.

The program today was presented by Jayson Dobney, currently a graduate student in music at USD. In connection with the Shrine to Music Museum he has been doing research about the music/band scene in the area not far west of here (Tyndall, Tabor, Wagner) that was settled by immigrants predominantly from Bohemia. These people came with their music and some among them immediately started up bands to play for the folks on Saturday nights.

Tom Ptak, a particularly dedicated and durable musician, organized and sat in on a series of bands over a 60-year period. Since the musicians were mostly farmers and since the hogs and chickens, let alone the corn, couldn't tell the difference between Sunday mornings and Monday mornings, the life of the player in the band was pretty arduous. They would play their music into the wee small hours � grown ups knew how to party those days, the dancing gave them staying power � then pack up their instruments and get back to the farm about the time that the pigs and chickens expected to be fed and the corn needed tilling. But the love of music kept them going. It couldn't have been the money in it.

When radio came along, one of Ptak's bands played regularly over WNAX and thought they were doing pretty well when they mostly just got a free dinner out of it. The Shrine to Music has collected much material on the particularly rich musical heritage in that part of our state. Photos of the various bands, sheet music and arrangements, and Tom Ptak's last set of drums are there for the viewing.

Senior Citizens Center

Summer decided to stay around a while, so Wednesday, Sept. 13 the card party at the center had a beautiful day. There were 15 pitch, six pinochle and 20 bridge players.

Winners in bridge were Ernie Miller, high; Barb Kronaizl, second; Shirley Riehle, third; Norma Melstad, blind bogey and Leona Kruyger, low.

Refreshments were furnished by Norma and Howard Melstad and Lois and Maurice Erickson.

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