Fremstad studying in Germany

Fremstad studying in Germany Anders Fremstad, a 17-year-old Vermillion High School junior, will spend the current school year as an exchange student in Finsterwalde, Germany.

He is the son of Carol Sanderson and John Fremstad of Vermillion.

Fremstad has completed three years in high school German courses and will attend a local Gymnasium, a German high school for university-bound students. He will live in the home of a German family associated with the Finsterwalde Rotary Club.

Fremstad is sponsored by the Vermillion Rotary Club. The receiving club provides Fremstad with a home and small monthly allowance for everyday needs. Beyond the opportunity to fluently learn a language and culture, Fremstad will have opportunities to meet students from all over the world also participating in Rotary exchanges during his exchange year.

The application and selection process begins in October prior to the exchange year. Local Rotary clubs sponsor applicants, but the selection is made by a regional office. Exchanges with many countries other than Germany are possible as a Rotary exchange student.

Students interested in the Rotary Club exchange program should contact Dean Clark, Vermillion Rotary Club president, for more information.

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